Glad, your skin can become silky and healthy with the help of some readily available skin care home ingredients.

Due to our stressful lifestyles, hectic work schedules, inadequate sleep, dehydration, lack of nutritional diet, pollution, harmful sun rays, excessive smoking, and drinking alcohol are the major factors which make your skin dull and dry.

Either male or female, no one likes rough, patchy or tired-looking skin.  Plus, problems like acne, blemishes, wrinkles, and enlarged pores also tend to spoil our beauty.

There may be numerous skin care products on the market that assure to give a smooth and flawless skin, they might be expensive and some have chemical compositions that can even damage your skin.

We are here to guide with some home remedies to keep our skin silky and healthy forever.


Skin is one of the largest organs in the body in surface area and weight. The skin consists of two layers: the epidermis and the dermis. Beneath the dermis lies the hypodermis or subcutaneous fatty tissue. The skin has three main functions: protection, regulation and sensation.

Types of Skin

There are five main skin types.

  1. Normal.  Normal skin, which has a good balance of moisture, small pores and an even tone.  Most people have normal skin.  To maintain its good condition, it is important to minimize its exposure to the sun.
  2. Dry.  Dry skin is a common condition, which lacks moisture.  It is also called xerosis caused by harsh soaps, itchy clothing, misusing moisturiser, and long hot showers.  It is important to know that it is not a skin disease.
  3. Oily.  Oily skin is identified by an excess of oil, i.e. sebum on the face.  People with oily skin begin to feel greasy in a few hours after washing.
  4. Combination.  Skin can be normal in some areas, dry in some areas and oily in others. Most of us have this type of skin. It need sdifferent care in different areas.
  5. Sensitive.  Sensitive skin types have the characteristics of oily, dry, or combination skin. This type of skin gets redness and irritation.

Knowing your skin type is very important before buying any products from markets.  Otherwise, try with our home remedies, which does not make any side effects to have a glowing skin ever.