What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss is also known as baldness or hair fall.  First thing, we need to understand why baldness occurs.  One of the common factor other than hereditary which causes hair loss is STRESS.   If you are suffering due to high-level of stress, you might attract hair loss.

Hair Fall

Hair loss

One of the best way to avoid Hair Loss or Hair Fall is apply oil to your scalp before 2 hours of showering. Will applying oil to the scalp prevent hair fall? Yes it will.  When shampooing, the oil helps the protein and other nutrients enrich in the hair root and and the dust and dirt particles alone will be rinsed out through your shampoo.  Rinse thoroughly after you shampoo your hair and also try to use less chemical shampoo.

You lose up to 100 hairs from your scalp every day, that’s normal and in most people those hairs grow back but many men and some women lose hair as they grow older.  You can  lose your hair if you have certain diseases such as thyroid problems, diabetes or lupus.

Top 5 foods that reduce hair fall


Hair fall - Walnuts

Walnuts is packed full of of B-Vitamins. It strengthens your hair, reduces hair fall and improves hair growth.




Hair fall - Eggs

Again, eggs are packed with B-Vitamins called biotin, which helps hair grow and strengthens brittle fingernails.  Not having enough of this Vitamin can lead to hair loss.




Hair faill - Spinach 

This green leafy vegetable is a good source of Vitamins B, C and E, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids that are required for healthy hair growth.




Hair fall - Salmon


Salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids that promote hair growth.  It also contains a huge amount of protein along with B vitamins, including B12, and several other minerals and vitamins.



Sweet potatoes:

Hair fall -Sweet potato


Sweet potatoes are filled with antioxidant called beta carotene.  Your body turns beta carotene into Vitamin A that helps protect against dry, dull hair.